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Car Injury

At Wellness First Center we are proud to be your Midlothian chiropractic resource for auto accident injury treatments and for whiplash injury assistance. Our chiropractors, Dr. Kelly Donnelly and Dr. Robert Donnelly, are here to provide you with pain relief in the form of traditional chiropractic care. We always tell our patients that it does not have to hurt to get well, and we will show you how effectively our hands on chiropractic treatments can help with the physical problems associated with whiplash.

Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Whiplash Treatments

When the neck is thrown sharply forward or back during an auto accident, a sports injury, or some other type of impact, you may develop the symptoms of whiplash. Whiplash is a soft tissue injury Midlothian chiropractic care for whiplash and neck pain patients-- which means that it does not cause broken bones but rather impacts the muscles, ligaments and tendons -- and it can be very painful. Our Midlothian staff is experienced in helping patients rehabilitate from whiplash injuries and is here to help you through your recovery.

Your whiplash symptoms may vary, as each patient's situation is unique. However, common whiplash pain issues include pain in the back, neck pain, feelings of dizziness, and headache. Traditional chiropractic treatment is targeted at resolving the pain exactly where it occurs. Our chiropractors use gentle hands on manipulation techniques to help the neck and back areas return to the proper alignment (the way that they were prior to the accident). Once the neck and spine are properly situated again, all those tensed up and painful muscles surrounding the neck and back will be able to relax and much of your pain will begin to dissipate.

We are very pleased to help patients recover from car accidents and other types of injury.

Have you suffered from whiplash? What treatments worked best to heal your pain?

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